Out of the blue…

Yesterday I received a Facebook message from a lady I have never met, but know through working with her as a creative team member for Pixels and Co. The message was regarding a template I designed as a freebie for P & Co, a while ago. As it was a freebie then it will stay a freebie now, so please go ahead and down load the following template for your personal use. The page below is from 2014, just looking at it makes me realise what a different place our family is in today!! Click on the template to download. Enjoy


This page uses a kit by Gennifer Bursett at Pixels and Co. called Office Space and can be found at the link if you click on the kit name.


Wow, it has been such a long time since I posted on here! First up I am wanting to share news that I am now on two creative teams ‘Insert Happy Dance’ and for the month of June have a backstage pass to Pixels and Co, as their guest Creative Team Member.


First up I have been working with the talented Celeste Knight who designs under the name of Sweet Caroline Studio. Clink on her name to a link to her shop and she has this awesome Freebie if you want to get started using some of her work.


I also created my first tutorial which I really should have proof read a bit better (but with two children constantly trying to grab my attention on the particular day I wrote it up, it was lucky I was even able to put it all together in the first place) which you can find here on the Sweet Caroline Studio Website.

Secondly I was recently asked to join the Creative Team for Jen Allyson who is re-opening her digital design store at Pixels and Co on the  24th of June! I am soooo excited and can’t wait to share some of the pages I make with her awesome designs.


So hopefully, I will find the time to create more of my own designs, and although it is a small offering, if you click on the following link you can download a file with the Aqua, White and Gold Chevron Paper I made to use as the new background to my blog page 🙂



Free Project Life Style Digital Scrapbooking Template

Well I am quite upset with myself. I really wanted to write here weekly and put up a freebie weekly but I am already behind. The funny thing is I made this template while working on my sons baby book last week and then never followed through by putting it here. I guess I should blame it on the heat as our air-con was not working for the first four days of the just below 40 Degree temperatures we experienced here in Perth last week. It’s amazing how a little heat and two children under 4 can make you go a little cray-cray hey! I haven’t finished the page I am putting together for it, but have clipped all the photos and papers to the template so I know it works. I am actually really glad I made this template, as I was making a new one or clipping over other photos each time I started a new page for his book. So click on the image and you should be directed to drop box to be able to download the PSD file.

Digital Scrapbooking Template Everyday Life 1

Free Digital Scrapbooking Everyday Life/Project Life Template by Bellerose Digital Designs

I have been scrapping a few pages as well this one I called Free Spirit and all the credits can be seen at my Pixels and Company Member Gallery if you click on the image.

This one titled 5 Random Things and all the credits can be seen at my Sweet Shoppe Member Gallery if you click on the image.

 I have completed a few more as well which you can view in these galleries as well.  Have a fantastic Sunday and Happy Australia Day!!


Digital Scrapbooking Free Blue Flower Cluster

Hey all,

It is hot, hot, hot in Perth today. It is supposed to reach 44 degrees today. It’s just after noon and looking at the latest updates it hasn’t hit 40 yet, so we will see. We spent the morning at the beach and now my two kiddies are tired and sleeping, so I am able to get on the computer and upload the latest thing I have made.

I am in the process of making a baby book for my little boy. I want to make everything in it myself, the papers, elements etc… all of it. Because of this and my other ongoing projects (documenting 2013, a calendar for my parents, 2014 project life) it is taking quite a bit of time. But I am enjoying it, so that is the main thing. The way I am putting this baby book together is by having a front page for each stage. So far I have completed 4 pages for ‘Expecting’, 6 pages documenting the hospital, 8 pages documenting the first month and I am now working on his second month. The following is the title page that I decided to make a flower cluster for. I photographed all the flowers, used various techniques to extract them from the background and then I changed their colour using the replace colour, hue and saturation and even exposure tools so they all matched. If you are looking for a good tutorial for extracting ephemera go to Simply Tiffany Studios.



Wasn’t he adorable. He was only one month old here (almost 2 now) but the way I am documenting it is that he was in his second month of life, so 0-1mth was his first month, 1-2mths is his second month etc. Our beautiful friend MJ took this photo while she was studying photography. If she ever sets up her own blog or business I will insert a link in here somewhere.

So to the freebie…. I have saved the flower cluster as a flattened PNG file for you to use, this means the shadows are included and they are at 45 degrees. The shadows are grey as they had to overlap the other flowers, and they matched my page (sorry I am not doing them all again in brown it took long enough as it was LOL). Just click on the cluster below to download. You can use it for your scrapbooking needs (Scrap for hire etc all ok), but please don’t resell it or claim it as your own.

Thanks, Samantha.


Digital Scrapbooking Blue Flower Cluster Freebie BelleroseDigitalDesign.wordpress.com

Two Free Digital Scrapbooking Elements

Hi there,

Its been a week I think since I last posted. I have been busy scrapping up a storm at night mostly. We have just come back from a morning at the Perth Zoo and we are having rest time in the house before a swimming lesson at 3pm, so I thought what is more relaxing then sitting on the computer 🙂

Week 1 Page 1Week 1 Page 2

I have just completed my first project life scrapbook pages using Laura Passage, Wishing Well Creations Life Stories 2012 Templates and a stamp, that I bought on sale when she started selling at Pixels and Company. I used the freebie kit from Kristin Cronin-Barrow at the Sweet Shoppe, a Facebook freebie for the week number from Traci Reed and of course I did other things such as the flair on my own. The main fonts I used were Orator, Lush (from Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts) Bradley hand and Myriad Std. I am really happy with the result and totally feel that I will be able to keep this up all year.

I also completed all the pages I want to do for November 2013 and must upload them to my My Scrapbook Art gallery which I haven’t yet, but will. As I don’t think I have any readers of this blog as yet (Jan 8th) I think they should be up by the time anyone actually goes to look at them anyway from this link… LOL.

So I also have a freebie for you which I haven’t actually used in these layouts but co-ordinates with the New Year Papers I made. Just click on the picture for this flower and bow. I was pretty stoked as they were both originally pink! This is why I love digital scrapbooking, you can change (with a little patience) anything to suit and compliment your photos or papers that you have chosen.

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie Bellerose Digital Design New Year Element

Digital Scrapbooking Freebie Bellerose Digital Design New Year Element

Free Digital Scrapbooking Template for 2014 New Year

Free Digital Scrapbooking Template for 2014 New Year

Ok, so I all the sudden had this idea for a template. I really liked a Forever Joy Kit Believe where Renne the Designer has embossed large text words on the bottom of her papers. One of her CT’s cut out a letter from the word and used it as a frame for their photo. If you click on the highlighted name you can go and see what I mean. And so after sitting with the hubby and watching a little TV before realising we had missed watching all the Australian East Coast Fireworks, I decided to get back on here and make it and upload it. Remember yours to use as you need, just not for selling or for claiming as your own. 

Happy New Year!!!

New Years Free Digital Scrapbooking Papers

Free Digital Scrapbooking Papers New Years Bellerose Digital Design

Free Digital Scrapbooking Papers New Years Bellerose Digital Design

Its almost 9pm on New Years Eve and I am at home on the computer… Two of my most precious creations in the world have been sick over Christmas with Gastro. I was also so sick that we had to move the Santa visit over a day to the 26th (Santa left a note and a few DVD’s saying he would be back when we were all better). I have recovered but the kids are still not 100%, so a quiet one at home it is tonight.

So being at home, I thought I would just upload these papers I made, which has taken me much longer than I intended it too, that match the New Year Flairs. It took me ages to make the black and gold glitter pages as each time I flattened the images in Photoshop, the contrasting shine I had made through the fiddling with the layer style kept changing. I looked it up on google and Adobe basically say that I need to be viewing my image at 100% which is so close up for a 12 by 12 page at 300dpi. Although I noticed no change at this size, as soon as I zoomed out, so I could see the page on my screen, the shimmer had kind of left my glitter. So here is what I have ended up with. Through my research I saw many people using a program called ArtRage to create their glitter first then make this into a pattern to be used as a textures or patterns in Layer Styles. I am thinking I might look into this, as I really want to have everything I put up on here 100% made by me. I know that I could purchase some for commercial use, but I really want to try it myself.

Happy New Year.

New Years Eve Free Digital Scrapbooking Flairs

Free Digital Scrapbook Freebie Flairs New Years Eve

Free Digital Scrapbook Freebie Flairs New Years Eve

Okay, so I felt like practising my flairs today. There is a great tutorial from Simply Tiffany which can help you make your own. I decided on a New Years theme and kept the colours simple. I used some of my glitter brushes and styles I made using Photoshop and a lot of the shapes and fonts already available with the program. They aren’t as perfect as I would like them to be, but I am getting there. So here they are free for you to use in any way you please, as long as you don’t claim them as your own or try to sell them.


Free Kite Digital Scrapbooking Template

Free Kite Digital Scrapbooking Template

Free Kite Digital Scrapbooking Template

Free Digital Scrapbook Template Kite

Free Digital Scrapbook Template Kite

I didn’t expect a template to be the first freebie I set up, but it is. I made the template for a page I wanted to do about making and flying a kite with my daughter, so I thought I might as well put that up. I like my finished page and I am glad I made a template first to block out the page and the photos I had. Originally I thought I was going to put four photos into the kite, but the size of the two upper triangles didn’t really allow this. I have seen a some  window effect photos recently in various scrapbooking galleries so I took the opportunity to try it for my self. I am super happy with the results.

All the papers I used in my scrapped page were from Studio Flergs at the Sweet Shoppe. They are various papers from her freebie kits I got off her blog and Facebook page. You can click on the highlighted text to get to her blog and store at The Sweet Shoppe.

You should be able to click on the template image to download the PSD file from my dropbox account.

If you do use the template, send me a post I’d love to see what you have done with it.

Share it, use it, alter it, use it for Scrap for Hire, but all I ask is that you don’t claim it as your own or try to sell it. That is just so wrong, in so many ways.